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Five Star Exotics, LLC - Game Capture Services / Management

Looking to remove excess animals from your ranch or land? Five Star Exotics specializes in exotic game capture, transport & relocation, including purchasing surplus stock from ranches, across the United States.

Five Star Exotics provides wildlife animal capture services for all kinds of exotic and free-range animals. By using proven helicopter net-gun tactics, and other safety approved techniques, Five Star Exotics can minimize animal mortality by limiting pursuit time combined with quick, safe, animal transport.

We are Licensed and Insured.

Our team of Capture Professionals are experienced and dedicated to the safety and well being of the target animals. We make sure all our team is trained in:

  • Safe capture techniques both helicopter and on ground
  • Aging and weighing of animals
  • Monitoring of animals heath and condition during transport
  • Collecting biological samples and measurements
  • Secure, safe and humane animal restraining during transportation
  • Storage facility maintenance to ensure a healthy and happy animal

Once captured all animals are inspected and cared for in one of our safe and secure storage facilities. Animals are separated and closely monitored until they are transported to their new home. We work closely with prospective owners in making sure we deliver just the Exotic they are looking for. If you are interested in looking at our list of Animals for Sale or want us to look for something "Exotic" for your ranch or facility please call (830) 456-4341.

If you have any animals that you would like Five Star Exotics to capture please call (830) 456-4341